Never Less than THE BEST!

No more "grocery-apparel" shopping. Stop compromising!

Ensure the best quality materials and a hygienic production environment to protect your pup’s skin and health. Enjoy a durable and lasting outfit that your pup won’t miss after a few wears.

Our fur babies deserve the Best Quality AND Style, and now we can give it to them.

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Why Tailstyle?

We are proud pet parents that would do everything for our furbabies.

We believe that we shouldn't compromise on their clothing style or quality anymore and offer a wide variety of the best - beautiful, high-quality, and affordable outfits our babies deserve.

We ensure the best quality materials and a hygienic production environment to protect your pup’s skin and health.

We promise a durable and lasting outfit that your pup won’t miss after a few wears.

We donate 10% of our profits to pets in need around the globe. All of our products are vegan, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free.

The Best For The Best

Every outfit is carefully handpicked and reviewed for quality, comfort, durability, and cuteness!

TailStyle proves to provide a quality that makes a difference.

  • @wigglebuttmochi

    "Just a lil droplet of cuteness 🌧🥰happy wednesday guys!! ...This raincoat is from and ever since we got it she’s been more willing to go out in the rain!! plus look how cute and stylish she is 😍"


    "What was that have tops for me 🤭look at my eager meerkat pose 🐒🤣I absolutely love my new top with ALLLLL of my heart ❤️it’s comfy,FASHIONABLE OBVS,stylish,Good in the washing machine 🧺and all around AMAZINGGGG🤩🤩."

  • @sammyschihuahuas

    "I'm so Happy to wear This Wonderful Jacket from♥️ so warm, comfortable, beautiful print too ✨ i'm worried because Mom wants she same Jacket.. i don't want to lend mine 😠😁😁♥️♥️♥️"

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Giving Back

Help us spread the word of adoption and pet care worldwide.

10% of all our profits go to pet rescue associations and support our volunteering actively.

Share our vision by picking a product from one of our collections to support us. Help us grow and make our vision a reality - home and love for all paws.

Our Vision

Tailstyle Promise

You may be deluged by mountains of dog accessories, but few merchants can match the quality, variety, and craftsmanship of pet clothing that Tailstyle offers. Our merchandise is carefully selected and sourced from discerning producers who ensure that only the best fabrics and seamstresses work on their products.

Tailstyle doesn’t focus on one kind of pet clothing alone and offers a variety of both dog apparel and cat apparel.

Tailstyle pet clothing is breathable, comfortable, durable, and practical. From our fancy dresses, adorable costumes, raincoats, street fashion, and loungewear, you’ll love how their thoughtful features and designs are made to suit your pet and your tastes.

Shop different styles at Tailstyle. Whatever the occasion, wherever you’re going, and regardless of how you’re feeling, we have dog apparel and cat apparel that fit different seasons, needs, and moods. 

Tailstyle pet clothing comes in different fabrics like fleece, cotton, lace, and tulle. We also have a range of different sizes of cat apparel and dog apparel, from tiny to bigger dog breeds.

Tailstyle outfits are more than a simple cat or dog accessories. In addition to investing in style and appearance, we take care of every outfit's functionality, safety, comfort, and durability. 

We invite you to shop, find the best fit for your pet, and contact us with any concerns or questions that come to mind.

We aim to provide you with the best customer experience, so please, if you are not 100% satisfied with anything for any reason - contact us and let us make it up to you!

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